Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mana View Plugin Suite

World of Warcraft – Mana View Plugin

When logging into the World of Warcraft, you will enhance your experience playing the most breathtaking game online that offers gold making and gold farming. With the Mana View Plugin, you will master the skill to get to level 85 within just five days, and make 30,000g on autopilot daily. This unique plugin will help you to rack up the HKs, dominate the charts, and break through each quest to reach the level cap twelve times faster. Carry out raids and PVP in an authoritative manner to increase your survivability, DPS, and healing output. Get this powerhouse, fully equipped with all the features to help you acquire a brand new level-capped character in the shortest time. It provides you with the confidence in high-skilled leveling and the ability to play with key binds. The Mana View addon suite is stuffed with special features to make the paupers of the game turn into kings.

Modules of the Plugin

Each module of the Mana View WOW suite has special features. The auction house module informs you of the markets where you can make a pyramid-full of gold. With the addon suite, you will never miss any farming or leveling opportunity. The WOW suite provides you with 36 key binds for playing every role. The DPS allows you to access your abilities quickly. With this guide, you will soon master the art of leveling through dungeons and quests for gold making to be sold later in the auction house to get real money.

The Booster Plugin

The addon suite teaches you every step of leveling and gold farming while enhancing your experience to reach level85. The WOW suite plugin provides you with extensive tips on completing every step to reach the top, leveling without any hiccups. Get the best talent builds through this plugin, and enhance your performance to raid bosses and solo dungeons for making heaps while gold farming and gold making. Reset your binds by using the single button of the plugin to uninstall the interface without any hassle. You are able to customize your interface as they teach you about your binds so that you can reach level 85 and become master of the game.

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